Energy Storage Provider Sonnen Scales Up- What is the Future?

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Sonnen, a prominent energy storage system provider, is making waves by scaling their systems to a level where, at some point, they could aggregate resources and provide utility-like services. What does this mean? Well, it depends on who the audience is:

For utilities, it is a shot across the bow that new technology and applications WILL disrupt their market-share at some point for the good of the consumer.

For Customers, it provides an option to trade low variable cost utility power for an up-front fixed cost which is assumed to be at or below the lifetime cost of the avoided utility power; with benefits.

The good news is that with providers such as Sonnen educating developers and utilities, there is a building appetite for these systems to be adopted at the lowest cost-point possible, either at the time of construction, or as a part of a distributed energy network where shared benefit offsets costs for both utilities and ratepayers.

Will either of these opportunities come to your local area? They can if given a voice.

Contact us today to find out which programs are available to you now and what we are doing to advantage utility customers for the future.


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