Critical facilities typically require backup generation to supplement any solar or storage assets to ensure patient safety and security. We offer several brands and sizes of backup generation to fit every need from Residential to Commerical facility three-phase service. Whether powering critical infrastructure systems or an entire facility, our experienced installers and staff can ensure the best fit of backup generation and renewables as well as seamless integration and communication of all systems.


Some systems are meant for daily cycling, others are meant for longer term storage and use. Combining generators, battery and solar components for a seamless result takes knowledge and experience. We offer systems with matched, pre-assembled, and UL listed components that can be installed in almost any location. From a weekend mountain get away to an island home-away-from-home. We can outfit you with the power you need when you go "off-grid".


Large-demand commercial and industrial clients can benefit from energy storage to meet a varity of use cases. While Demand Charge reduction is reason enough to install an energy storage system, protection of senstive equipment that runs your business is another vital reason. From internet infrastructure to warehouse refrigeration, you need 100% up-time and traditional fossil-fuel backups can be unreliable. Our systems bridge that gap and can provide crucial time needed to maintain operations before grid power is restored.

Demand Charge

Our systems are designed to reduce or eliminate demand charges from your utility. The battery system charges throughout the day and automatically discharges at peak periods to offset your power consumption.


Service is the first word in the hospitality industry. We help keep the service going when unexpected disconnects occur. Our systems go beyond keeping a few lights on in the kitchen. We can provide a seamless transition from utility power to backup so your customers are not left in the dark.  While most commercial appliances are gas-fed, refrigeration, safety equipment, and lighting are core items needed for service to continue during a temporary outage.


Show your customers you are planning for the future by installing charging stations. They can be installed at or near your place of business or in another high traffic area as advertising that will be seen and used by your target audience. We offer multiple types of charging stations for every EV on the road that can be prepaid or generate revenue.


Time-of-use rate programs offered by your utility work by grouping peak hours of the day into periods in which power is more expensive to produce and consume. These costs are passed on to the utility customer in time-of-use programs incentivizing the utility customer to reduce usage at certain times of day. Our systems offset your usage during those times reducing your peak period usage while giving you the freedom to use the power you need.


Hospitals and surgery centers already have large backup generators but as you may know, most smaller medical service fields typically have no such backup. GP, Dental, Dermal, Chiro, Cosmetic and other medical service entities need a backup power supply to ensure patient scans and operations can be completed without interruption. Our systems are a perfect fit because they can be installed locally in the office suite and take up minimal space. If you move or expand, they can move with you and require no expensive service contracts which is typical of fossil-fuel backup generation.

Value Stacking

Our energy storage systems can be combined with solar, wind and fossil-fuel generation to maximize return and extend the value cycle of renewables. By storing the energy that solar and wind produce, power can be consumed at peak periods providing enhanced return metrics. Adding storage to a fossil-fuel backup generator can extend fuel reserves from days to weeks by maximizing duty cycle on the generator and minimizing fuel-wasting idle time.

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